Central Washing

Sami Şahin Petrol – Konya

Motors-Pumps, Water Tank, Foam Unit and Power Panel are built in the Machinery Room.

The Machinery Room size is depended on the station number.

The Pumps work more efficient because of the independed structure from each other.

The Pumps can be protected againist the freezing by the trans-air system in the winter.

Each station’s water and foam lines are seperated from each other.

The failure of  one of the stations never stops the other stations.

There are ony coin-matics and 360 degree booms at the stations.

The coins are put in the coin-matics to select the Wash / Foam Options. System works at the adjusted period and stops automatically when the time is up.

The price and  the time adjustments and operation counters are avaliable in the Electronic Control Unit